Multidisciplinary Action Projects (MAP)


MAP is a signature action-based learning course offered at the Ross School of Business.  A  MAP team consists of 4-6 Ross MBA students who receive guidance from Ross faculty advisors.  Each project requires analytical rigor, critical thinking, and genuine teamwork.  Sponsors receive top-notch deliverables and data-driven recommendations from the team of students with diverse skills, knowledge, backgrounds, and work experience.

WDI sources a number of international Multidisciplinary Action Projects (MAP) in conjunction with the Ross School of Business.  Through the program, students work with global organizations on projects that focus on the design or improvement of an important business process, solving a real business problem, or exploring strategic market opportunities.  WDI collaborates with large, medium, and small organizations in offering MAPs in emerging markets.  Recent WDI-MAP partners include Abt Associates, Acumen Fund, Procter & Gamble, Pfizer, Philips Healthcare, GE Healthcare, ITC India Ltd., RTT Trans Africa, CARE Bangladesh, Grassroots Business Fund, Aravind Eye Hospital, UNDP Mongolia, UNDP Jordan, Liberian Business Association, etc.

WDI sponsored 13 MAP teams in 2016 as part of its mission to support international activities at the University of Michigan:

  • Al-Akhawayn University   –  Morocco
  • Aparajitha Foundation    –   India
  • Aravind Eye Care System   –   India
  • Business Support Center Kosovo (BSCK)   –   Kosovo
  • CARE   –   India
  • Georgian Technical University  –  Georgia
  • IMPERIAL Health Sciences   –   South Africa
  • ITC Limited   –   India
  • Little Sparrows Technologies   –  Ethiopia
  • Sustainable Harvest & Relationship Coffee Institute   –   Rwanda
  • Sustainable Harvest & Relationship Coffee Institute   –   Portland, OR
  • UM Human Trafficking Clinic  –  Brazil
  • William Davidson Institute & Zemen Bank  –   Ethiopia

WDI has sponsored Multidisciplinary Action Projects (MAPs) in collaboration with the Ross School of Business since the late 90s.

Please click on the following links to learn more about recent years’ projects sponsored by WDI:

  • 2015 MAPsWDI sponsored nine MAP teams in 2015:
    • Abt Associates – Ethiopia
    • Aravind Eye Care System – India
    • IMPERIAL Health Sciences – South Africa
    • ITC Limited – India
    • Tetra Pak – Nicaragua
    • VeAhavta – Sri Lanka
    • LectureTools; Stockholm School of Economics in Riga – Latvia
    • William Davidson Institute – Jordan

MAP Projects

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