Why Participate?


“A great opportunity to learn and develop my skills, the chance to meet people from different cultures from all around the world. I think that what I will learn from this program will help me to contribute positively to my society.” -University of Michigan student

“The chance to have a hands-on learning experience involving social entrepreneurship is an opportunity that I could not pass up. My professor’s enthusiasm for this program only served to heighten my interest and encouraged me to apply.” -University of Michigan student

The M2GATE program offers students the opportunity to:

  • Gain marketable 21st century skills: the multidisciplinary, experiential nature of this program will strengthen your communication and presentation skills.
  • Experience cross-cultural teamwork: an opportunity to collaborate closely with peers from other cultures.
  • Enable positive engagement: The focus on social entrepreneurship will empower you to engage in social issues in your community.
  • Build an innovative resume: Employers are looking for graduates with exactly the type of skills this program will build.

For an article on the value of similar programs, read this.

Or email us at m2-gateprogram@umich.edu.





The Stevens Initiative is an international effort to build global competence and career readiness skills for young people in the United States, the Middle East and North Africa; it is funded by several public and private donors including the U.S. Department of State and the Bezos Family Foundation.


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