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Boeing Case Featured In Financial Times

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

For the second time, the Financial Times has featured a GlobaLens business case in its print and online editions.

In the Oct. 11 edition, FT published “The Supply Chain Reconsidered: Building Boeing’s Dreamliner.” The case, by Ross School of Business Professor Ravi Anupindi, discusses why Boeing was nearly two years behind schedule in delivering its 787 Dreamliner.

Read the article here (registration may be required). Read a summary of the Boeing case here.

Anupindi’s case, called “Boeing: The Fight for Fasteners,” talks about the industry-wide shortage of aerospace fasteners, the hardware the holds the aircraft together. Engineers at Boeing never could have imagined that fasteners, which comprise approximately 3% of the total cost of an aircraft, would become such an issue.

Anupindi’s case introduces students to the challenges of operating a global supply chain, and how a small part can derail a multi-billion dollar project. The case provides deep discussion on the topics of value-sharing, supply chain visibility, program implementation, and globalization.

Back in May, FT published a summary of the GlobaLens case, “Customer Service at American Express.” The case, authored by Ross School of Business Professor M.S. Krishnan and the late C.K. Prahalad, describes the challenges faced by American Express in improving customer relationships in a very competitive industry.

Read a summary of the case here.

As a result of the Financial Times coverage, GlobaLens experienced a marked increase in site traffic, as well as global sales of the case.  Current global readership of the Financial Times (online and print) is 12.3 million.

GlobaLens is the publishing division of WDI. It is part of the Institute’s Educational Outreach initiative, which publishes and distributes high quality, cutting-edge business cases and other teaching materials for top-tier business schools worldwide.

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