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Recommendations on Achieving Profitability at Hospital Evangelico (summer internship)

May 11, 2017 - September 11, 2017


Hospital Evangelico, in the city of Siguatepeque, was established in 1949 by the Central American Mission from Dallas, USA. The hospital offers affordable services and programs to reach people in need. The mission of Hospital Evangelico is “to promote total health: physical, emotional, social and spiritual.” It offers a full range of clinical and diagnostic services, in addition to providing nursing education and community outreach programs. An intern was engaged to conduct a deep dive into the hospital’s current financial situation and deliver recommendations/roadmap to aid the Hospital in meeting its goal. Some areas the student assessed and provided recommendations on were – organizational structure, workforce (wages, benefits, turnover, skilled vs. unskilled, employee satisfaction), infrastructure/operations, internal processes, patient trend, revenue, costs, donations, financial reporting/metrics, culture etc.

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