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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

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News Item Development Consulting Services Undeterred by Ebola Outbreak by Dan Shine — last modified 02/26/15 13:22
Despite the difficulties arising from the country’s ongoing battle with Ebola, WDI's Development Consulting Services (DCS) has continued to make significant strides in its work with the University of Liberia (UL).
News Item WDI Seminar In The Philippines Focuses On Career Services by Dan Shine — last modified 02/24/15 09:50
Development Consulting Services (DCS) Career Services experts Tom Devlin and Farouk Dey were recently deployed to Manila, Philippines to assist the Technological Institute of the Philippines (TIP) in career center development and industry outreach.
WDI Staff Page Ellen Abrams by Julie Rhodes — last modified 02/11/15 16:37
Ellen Abrams bio
WDI Staff Page Steven Harsono by Julie Rhodes — last modified 02/11/15 16:31
Steven Harsono bio
WDI Staff Page Michael Krautmann by Julie Rhodes — last modified 02/11/15 16:30
Michael Krautmann bio
WDI Staff Page Rebecca Solow by Julie Rhodes — last modified 02/18/15 14:33
Rebecca Solow bio
News Item WDI To Help Pakistan With Privatization Efforts by Dan Shine — last modified 02/06/15 16:17
WDI’s Development Consulting Services (DCS), in partnership with Crown Agents USA, has been awarded a project to assist the Pakistan government’s Privatization Commission in achieving its structural benchmarks regarding privatization of select public sector enterprises.
WDIWorkingPaper Do Borders Really Slash Trade? A Meta-Analysis by Tomas Havranek and Zuzana Irsova — last modified 02/05/15 11:48
National borders reduce trade, but most estimates of the border eff ect seem puzzlingly large. We show that major methodological innovations of the last decade combine to shrink the border e ffect to a mere 28% reduction in international trade flows worldwide. The border eff ect varies across regions: it is large in emerging countries, but close to zero in OECD countries. For the computation we collect 1,271 estimates of the border eff ect reported in 61 studies, codify 32 aspects of study design that may influence the estimates, and use Bayesian model averaging to take into account model uncertainty. Our results suggest that methods systematically a ffect the estimated border eff ects. Especially important is the level of aggregation, measurement of internal and external distance, control for multilateral resistance, and treatment of zero trade flows. We find no evidence of publication bias.
WDIWorkingPaper Bank Competition and Financial Stability: Much Ado About Nothing? by Diana Zigraiova and Tomas Havranek — last modified 02/05/15 11:43
The theoretical literature gives conflicting predictions on how bank competition should affect financial stability, and dozens of researchers have attempted to evaluate the relationship empirically. We collect 598 estimates of the competition-stability nexus reported in 31 studies and analyze the literature using meta-analysis methods. We control for 35 aspects of study design and employ Bayesian model averaging to tackle the resulting model uncertainty. Our findings suggest that the definition of financial stability and bank competition used by researchers influences their results in a systematic way. The choice of data, estimation methodology, and control variables also affects the reported coefficient. We find evidence for moderate publication bias. Taken together, the estimates reported in the literature suggest little interplay between competition and stability, especially in developing and transition countries, even when corrected for publication bias and potential misspecifications.
News Item New USAID Guide For Healthcare Innovations Unveiled by Dan Shine — last modified 01/27/15 21:38
WDI’s Healthcare Research Initiative will host a special preview of a new USAID guide and toolkit designed to help people develop, introduce and scale global health innovations. The seminar will begins at 4:30 on Wednesday, Jan. 28 in Room 2240 at the Ross School of Business. The event is free and open to the public.
News Item London Sits Down For Q&A With Global Envision by Dan Shine — last modified 01/26/15 11:48
WDI Senior Research Fellow Ted London recently sat down for a question and answer session with the blog site Global Envision to talk about the base of the pyramid and WDI's recently-released BoP Roadmap.
News Item Philippines Case Collection Debuts On GlobaLens by Dan Shine — last modified 01/23/15 08:57
Following a successful Development Consulting Services (DCS) workshop in the Philippines and editorial assistance from GlobaLens case writers, the William Davidson Institute (WDI) is proud to announce the publication of the Philippines Case Collection on the GlobaLens website.
WDIWorkingPaper What incentives are being used by International Business Researchers in Their Surveys? A Review. by Agnieszka Chidlow and Pervez N. Ghauri — last modified 01/21/15 16:01
Following a number of studies on the factors that might affect response rates in cross-national research, this work examines the types of incentives mentioned by international business scholars in mail surveys as well as how the use of such incentives affects the response rate. This work uses a content analysis of articles published in four leading international business journals in the period of 2000 - 2009. The results show that out of 217 studies under examination only 42 mentioned any type of incentives for enhancing the response rate. The most common incentives used by authors are confidentiality and anonymity, followed by a business reply envelope and a free report. Generally speaking, the results demonstrate that studies reporting incentives achieve, on average, a lower response rate from those that do not report them.
WDI Staff Page Stacy R. Finkbeiner, Ph.D. by Julie Rhodes — last modified 02/11/15 16:29
Stacy R. Finkbeiner biography
Page 2015 Partnership Projects by Sinia Whatmore — last modified 01/30/15 18:46
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