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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

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News Item London Sits Down For Q&A With Global Envision by Dan Shine — last modified 01/26/15 11:48
WDI Senior Research Fellow Ted London recently sat down for a question and answer session with the blog site Global Envision to talk about the base of the pyramid and WDI's recently-released BoP Roadmap.
News Item Philippines Case Collection Debuts On GlobaLens by Dan Shine — last modified 01/23/15 08:57
Following a successful Development Consulting Services (DCS) workshop in the Philippines and editorial assistance from GlobaLens case writers, the William Davidson Institute (WDI) is proud to announce the publication of the Philippines Case Collection on the GlobaLens website.
WDIWorkingPaper What incentives are being used by International Business Researchers in Their Surveys? A Review. by Agnieszka Chidlow and Pervez N. Ghauri — last modified 01/21/15 16:01
Following a number of studies on the factors that might affect response rates in cross-national research, this work examines the types of incentives mentioned by international business scholars in mail surveys as well as how the use of such incentives affects the response rate. This work uses a content analysis of articles published in four leading international business journals in the period of 2000 - 2009. The results show that out of 217 studies under examination only 42 mentioned any type of incentives for enhancing the response rate. The most common incentives used by authors are confidentiality and anonymity, followed by a business reply envelope and a free report. Generally speaking, the results demonstrate that studies reporting incentives achieve, on average, a lower response rate from those that do not report them.
WDI Staff Page Stacy R. Finkbeiner, Ph.D. by Julie Rhodes — last modified 01/20/15 10:19
Stacy R. Finkbeiner biography
Page 2015 Partnership Projects by Sinia Whatmore — last modified 01/25/15 12:23
News Item Michigan Ross Students To Begin LCC by Dan Shine — last modified 01/23/15 09:01
Ross School of Business student teams made up of 100 full-time and part-time MBA students will compete in the 2015 Leadership Crisis Challenge (LCC), which begins Jan. 15.
Folder 2015 News Collection by Dan Shine — last modified 01/14/15 12:40
This is a collection of news stories from 2015.
Page Part-time Accounting Assistant by Jill Elliott — last modified 01/20/15 15:24
This non-temporary part-time job offers 20-25 hours per week onsite with flexible hours (during the weekdays between 8am and 3pm); work will be performed onsite. The purpose of this job is to provide bookkeeping services and assist with related duties.
News Item London Blog Post On Inclusive Business Now Online by Dan Shine — last modified 12/11/14 15:02
WDI Senior Research Fellow Ted London has penned a blog post that calls on BoP leaders to take stock of the inclusive business domain, noting achievements over the past decade, but cautioning that there are warning signs on the horizon.
News Item Featured Videos: Madison Ayer of Honey Care Africa and Farm Shop by Dan Shine — last modified 12/08/14 22:48
Madison Ayer, who leads two social ventures in Africa, is featured in two recent WDI videos. In the first, Ayer discusses the latest with Honey Care Africa. In the second, he talks about a new venture called Farm Shop.
News Item Next WDI Speaker To Discuss Financial Tools To Fend Off Poverty by Dan Shine — last modified 12/05/14 11:15
The usefulness of inclusive financial products and services - such as commitment savings and microinsurance – to give low-income families across the developing world more tools to ensure that shocks do not push them further into poverty will be the topic of the Dec. 8 WDI Global Impact Speaker Series.
WDIWorkingPaper CAPITAL ACCOUNT POLICIES, IMF PROGRAMS AND GROWTH IN DEVELOPING REGIONS by Zorobabel Bicaba, Zuzana Brixiova and Mthuli Ncube — last modified 11/21/14 16:16
This paper examines capital account policy choices in an innovative model with adaptive learning under uncertainty. In the model, countries’ past experiences and IMF programs influence policymakers’ beliefs about impact of capital account liberalization on growth, taking into account constraints imposed by the ‘Mundell’s trilemma’. The model, calibrated to data for Africa, Latin America and developing Asia, is consistent with capital account policies during 1980 – 2010, including the delayed capital account liberalization in Africa. One of the implications of the model is that even countries with liberalized capital accounts could revert to the use of capital controls in the presence of particularly large output shocks.
News Item London Talks Roadmap On Google Hangout by Dan Shine — last modified 11/20/14 16:05
WDI Senior Research Fellow Ted London participated in a Google Hangout hosted by Devin Thorpe of Your Mark On The World Center.
News Item London Talks Roadmap On Google Hangout by Dan Shine — last modified 11/20/14 16:05
WDI Senior Research Fellow Ted London participated in a Google Hangout hosted by Devin Thorpe of Your Mark On The World Center.
News Item Marketing Manager Of Mexican BoP Initiative To Speak by Dan Shine — last modified 11/18/14 11:57
The marketing manager of an initiative in Mexico that provides construction materials to low-income customers to build new homes or expand their existing ones will be the featured speaker at the Nov. 19 WDI Speaker Series.
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