Student Opportunities

For over 20 years, WDI has been committed to supporting and enhancing the experiences of graduate students at the University of Michigan.  Several avenues allow students to get involved with WDI during their program of study at UM:

Interns 2013
WDI interns in India, summer 2013

- WDI organizes and sponsors graduate student summer internships through its WDI Global Impact Internship Program.  For details, use the navigation links on the left.

- WDI supports select Ross School of Business MBA projects through the Multidisciplinary Action Projects (MAP) program. 

- WDI also holds a monthly William Davidson Institute Global Impact Speaker Series.  It features thought leaders, practitioners, and innovators who work in emerging market economies. These speakers will share their experiences, provoke thought, and stimulate discussion around the opportunities and challenges of international development.   Students and faculty have the opportunity to also meet with the visiting speaker in small group settings to further explore issues affecting international business and public policy.

Arianna Legovini
Arianna Legovini, The World Bank, speaking with a student

- Interested to learn more about using business strategies in poverty alleviation or innovative strategies in increasing access to healthcare in emerging markets?    

As part of WDI's close affiliation with the Ross School of Business, the WDI BoP Initiative offers a course that integrates concepts of strategy, international business, non-profit management, and poverty alleviation to stimulate the leadership skills and competitive imagination needed to design successful ventures at the Base of the Pyramid.    BA 612 - Business Strategies for the Base of the Pyramid is offered as a Ross elective. 

Another elective course, TO 563 - Innovations in Global Health Delivery, examines how innovations in business models, operations, financing and supply chains are allowing far more people to access better quality healthcare.  Both TO 563 and BA 612 courses are open to Ross and other graduate students.

- On an as needed basis, students may have the opportunity to be hired as a Research Assistant during the school year or the summer (check for current openings)

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