International Business Immersion

Rwanda team 2014
Rwanda team 2014

BA 685 International Business Immersion is an experiential course for second year Ross students designed to enhance their global leadership capabilities, awareness of diverse business issues on the current international landscape, and on-the-ground experience in a specific country. The course responds to the increasing need for managers to have an international business perspective that enhances their business and management knowledge.

This year's experiential course involves three elements:

  • Investigation of healthcare in a select group of countries via lectures and case discussions during the first half-term. This involves learning about healthcare issues in a variety of emerging markets. Students work on team projects that delve more deeply into specific institutions within select countries.    
  • Travel to the specified country over spring break to interview relevant stakeholders to gather information about selected topics and understand the local landscape.
  • Students complete the work on their team projects during the second half-term, which culminates with a final report and presentation.  
Uganda team 2014
Uganda team 2014


Topics change from year to year depending on the faculty teaching the course.  The following topic will be offered for Winter 2015: 

   Healthcare Delivery in Emerging Markets

   Led by Professor Paul Clyde 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Haiti team 2014
Haiti team 2014


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