2014 Projects - Phase 2

Updated March 18, 2014

The William Davidson Institute (WDI) Global Impact Internship Program supports partnerships between University of Michigan graduate students (Master's level) and businesses/organizations in emerging market economies.  It offers opportunities for high-level, impactful, paid summer internships.

The following is a list of additional organizations who are partnering with WDI to offer internship projects for the summer of 2014.  Unless specifically noted, all internships are for 12 consecutive weeks.  

Students are allowed to apply for ONE project from this list.  

Application period for these projects CLOSED as of noon March 14, 2014. 

  • Baxter Healthcare   -   Indonesia and/or India
  • Community Economic Ventures Inc./Vision Fund International   -  The Philippines
  • Krishi Star  -  India
  • Not For Sale   -  India
  • Sproxil   -   Ghana
  • Wello   -   India


  • UM graduate students currently enrolled full-time in a Master’s level degree program and returning full-time in Fall 2014 to complete the 2014-15 academic year. 
  • Students who have applied for Phase 1 but have not been contacted for an interview
  • Students who have been interviewed for Phase 1 but not yet received an offer. When you receive an offer for your Phase 1 application, we will withdraw your Phase 2 application.

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