The William Davidson Institute at the University of Michigan celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2017, and honored the man, a proud U-M alumnus, noble business leader and benevolent philanthropist, who founded the Institute in 1992. We were happy to mark this joyous occasion with our U-M partners, as well as with our stakeholders in business, government and the public sector around the world, as we continue to carry forward Bill Davidson’s vision.



A Force for Economic and Social Freedom

This book showcases 25 years of WDI’s history, leaders, partners and work. The book also salutes our 25-year collaborative engagements with University of Michigan students and faculty.


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WDI’s History and Work in Emerging Markets

This six-minute video celebrates WDI’s history as well as the important work we continue to do around the world.

William Davidson, WDI Founder

This video looks back at the life of WDI’s founder, William Davidson, including his successful business career, sports team ownership and philanthropic contributions. If Bill Davidson’s business philosophy could be boiled down to a single phrase, it likely would have been four simple words: It can be done.




Much has changed since WDI was established in 1992, but we continue our commitment to the mission Bill Davidson laid out 25 years ago: “to equip economic decision-makers in…emerging countries with the tools of economic success.” This article series presents an overview of the activities and research that has taken place over the past 25 years in WDI’s market sectors, with an eye toward what we might expect in the future.

Development of Management Education in Central and Eastern Europe

This article traces the development of management education in Central and Eastern Europe over the past several decades. It also provides insights into the future of management education in this part of the world.

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25 Years of Health Care Delivery in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

This article reviews the changes that have taken place in health care delivery in low- and middle-income countries since 1992 and highlights the role of the private sector. It looks at changes in causes of death and also provides an in-depth view of areas likely to take on more prominence and/or change health care delivery in the future.

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25 Years of Health Product Supply Chain Reform: Market Forms of Organization versus Public Ownership

This article provides an understanding of the evolution of health product supply chains in developing countries over the past 25 years, and highlights areas where market-oriented reforms have succeeded or failed in improving supply chain performance.

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WDI at 25: Recommitting to the Mission

WDI President Paul Clyde reaffirms our commitment to the mission Bill Davidson laid out 25 years ago in this edited transcript of the talk he delivered at the 25th anniversary celebration dinner on October 5, 2017.



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Paul Clyde, President, William Davidson Institute

Celebrating 25 Years

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