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The William Davidson Institute REVIEW is a newsletter showcasing recent and ongoing activities of the institute. The newsletter highlights our institute’s role in bringing together academic experts, policymakers, and executives interested in improving the effectiveness of business and social welfare in emerging market economies.

WDI creates knowledge through its research and shares this knowledge in a variety of ways, including academic papers, audio podcasts, and videotaped interviews.

  • An Interview with Ray Cummings, Director, Market Dynamics at PATH

    As Director of PATH Market Dynamics, Ray Cummings leads his department in providing market analytic and strategic support for programs across PATH that are working to develop healthy markets for innovative healthcare products in low- and middle-income countries. In a conversation with Andrea Bare, Senior Advisor, Healthcare Market Dynamics at the William Davidson Institute, he discusses PATH’s work and the issues the organization is addressing.

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  • Delivering World-class Quality Health Care in a Low-Resource Setting

    Derek Johnson is a Director for Development and Sustainability for CURE International. In this presentation at the University of Michigan, recorded by the William Davidson Institute on February 9, 2016, he discusses his experience as Executive Director of the CURE Children’s Hospital focused on neurosurgery in Mbale, Uganda. The children cared for at that hospital had access to a procedure that was developed there and is now making its way into the US. Johnson also discusses the challenges he faces in improving the sustainability and service footprint of CURE hospitals around the world.

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  • WDI Global Impact Speaker Series with Joshua Kaufman of USAID

    Joshua Kaufman, director of the Office of Evaluation and Impact Assessment at USAID’s U.S. Global Development Lab, spoke January 16, 2016 at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business. His talk was part of WDI’s Global Impact Speaker Series events.

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  • An Interview with David Griswold of Sustainable Harvest 2015

    David Griswold, founder and CEO of Sustainable Harvest, is interviewed by William Davidson Institute’s Ted London.  Griswold spoke at the University of Michigan and at the William Davidson Institute as part of WDI’s Global Impact Speaker Series on November 4, 2015.

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  • Walmart and USAID: Setting the Stage

    This video is part of the pre-reading materials for the case study Walmart and USAID: The Evolution of a Global Cross-Sector Partnership. It consists of portions of an interview with Beth Keck, senior director for Women’s Economic Empowerment at Walmart. The interview reinforces the information in the case with additional perspectives on Walmart’s collaboration strategies, its social commitments, and issues of self-dealing.

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  • An Interview with Madhukar Pai of McGill University

    Madhu Pai, associate director of the McGill International TB Centre in Canada, talks with WDI’s Prashant Yadav about his work on tuberculosis in the developing world. Pai was at WDI and UM as part of WDI’s Healthcare Research Initiative Seminar Series in 2013.

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  • An Interview with Arianna Legovini of the World Bank

    Arianna Legovinni, head of Development Impact Evaluation Effectiveness (DIME) at the World Bank, talks with WDI’s Prashant Yadav. The DIME initiative trumpets impact evaluation to shape better policies for economic development. Legovini was at WDI and UM as part of WDI’s Global Impact Speaker Series in 2013.

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  • An Interview with Henning Alts of CEMEX

    Henning Alts, marketing manager of the social venture Patrimonio Hoy – an inititive of the Mexico cement company CEMEX – is interviewed by WDI’s Ted London. Patrimonio Hoy provides building materials at a low cost for low-income homeowners to improve their home or add a room. Alts was at WDI and UM as part of WDI’s Global Impact Speaker Series in 2014.

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  • An Interview with Cynthia Koenig, founder of Wello

    Cynthia Koenig, founder of the social enterprise Wello and its water wheel, is interviewed by Managing Editor Scott Anderson. Koenig talks about starting her enterprise and trying to scale the organization. The website is an initiative of WDI.

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WDI hosts periodic sessions featuring thought leaders who work in emerging markets. U-M students and faculty have the opportunity to listen and interact with visiting speakers in small group settings to discuss issues affecting business and policy in emerging economies.

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