Education Consulting Services

WDI consults with business school and other higher educational institutions in the areas of:

Curriculum Development

Leading business schools constantly expand their portfolios to offer new degree programs that meet market needs. WDI helps identify new degree programs suitable to the needs and priorities of our clients, including varieties of MBA programs and new specialized Master’s programs. WDI also works on projects to improve existing curricula, such as: evaluating curricula against best-in-class programs, and infusing curricula with elements such as action learning, ethics, entrepreneurship, and global perspectives.

International Accreditation

WDI assists schools in the process of gaining international business school accreditation. This is a long-term process, requiring institutions to think of this early on to develop curricula and engage faculty which align with international standards.

Faculty Development

WDI works with schools to build their faculty’s teaching and administrative skills. In our teacher observation programs, WDI consultants observe faculty members in the classroom, assess their effectiveness, and then work with them one-on-one to hone their teaching skills. WDI can also invite faculty members to the University of Michigan to observe new and effective teaching methods. In addition, WDI runs workshops to teach faculty members to write and teach business cases.

Content Development

WDI works with institutions to help their faculty members build robust, locally relevant content for use in the traditional classroom as well as online training and case studies based on local companies and organizations. WDI works with partner institutions to offer workshops on both case teaching and case writing and supports faculty members through the case publication process.

Leadership and Administrative Development

WDI consults with schools on how to develop faculty members for leadership positions, including as deans, associate deans, and department chairs. Consulting areas include: administrative staffing (job descriptions, new organizational structures), strategies for workforce planning, faculty retention, faculty training, and entrepreneurial thinking in teaching and learning.

New Pedagogical Tools

WDI helps institutions integrate technology for high-impact learning, which includes incorporating aspects of the flipped classroom and using e-learning platforms. WDI also works with schools to introduce and support faculty to teach using and developing case studies.

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