Elective Course Offerings


WDI works in close partnership with the University of Michigan Ross School of Business to offer several courses that focus on global issues especially as they relate to emerging markets.

BA 310: A Virtual Practicum (Winter 2021)

An exciting, action-learning course on international business cultures connecting you with your peers from Egypt, Lebanon, Libya and the USA. Problem-solve and collaborate in a global team environment. This fully virtual course is open to all majors at the University of Michigan, business students at the American University in Cairo and the American University of Beirut, and students in Benghazi, Libya. Capacity is limited. The program will equip young people in the U.S. and MENA regions with the skills they need to communicate, problem-solve and collaborate in a global team environment—all essential 21st century skills in an interconnected world. The course is organized by the William Davidson Institute at the University of Michigan. For more information, check out the course website or contact wdi-virtual@umich.edu. To register click here.

BA 620: A Cross-Disciplinary Perspective on Healthcare Delivery in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (Fall B 2020)

Healthcare delivery in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) is influenced by a number of factors such as provider expertise, patient trust, access, financing, medication/treatment availability, policies, and evolving technologies. Some components vary from culture to culture, while others remain constant. Improvements in healthcare delivery in these countries will rely on a good understanding of the various disciplinary approaches to care and how they can vary between cultures. This course is designed to introduce students to the perspectives and challenges faced by people in disciplines and cultures that differ from their own and think critically about the effect of that understanding on their own discipline’s engagement in healthcare delivery in LMICs.

BA 685 : International Business Immersion (Winter 2021)

This class will look at business models for health care delivery in emerging markets. Offered during Winter A, the course will review a number of different examples, and the challenges facing those institutions. Students will work on team projects that delve deeply into specific institutions in select countries. If allowed, students will travel to the specified country over spring break to interview relevant stakeholders and gather data. In Winter B, the teams will complete their data gathering and analysis and develop recommendations to be presented to the sponsors in April.

For more information, please email: BA685-healthcare@umich.edu.


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