From program design to implementation, we offer a full suite of entrepreneurship support. All of our offerings are custom designed and respond to the needs of each unique entrepreneurship ecosystem.  Please contact us for a consultation to determine how we can best support you.

Program design

An effective entrepreneurship development program must be driven by local needs and assets, and be based on a strong program design with a feasible monitoring and evaluation plan. We support program design ranging from programs in the proposal stage to programs already implemented and in need of enhancement. Examples of our services are:

  • Needs assessments to inform program scope and structure
  • Design monitoring & impact evaluation strategies and data collection tools
  • Develop learning plans for continuous improvement
  • Detailed training program plans

Curriculum development

With a program design established, the next step of an entrepreneurship development program is to develop training content and curriculum materials. Examples of our services are:

  • Co-development of curriculum with in-country partners and within a consortium
  • Design of customized training content and curriculum packages, including trainer guides, activities, worksheets and team-based projects
  • Provide a training module for entrepreneurs to collect and analyze their own impact
  • Review of existing training curriculum to provide recommendations for enhancement or make modifications
  • Access to our ExtendEd portal to facilitate virtual learning

Training of trainers

Trainers delivering entrepreneurship training can benefit from professional development opportunities that build their entrepreneurial knowledge, as well as training skills. Examples of our services are:

  • Training of the Trainer (“ToT”) workshops focused on curriculum content and pedagogy
  • Ongoing remote support for in-country trainers, including webinars
  • Trainer observation and feedback

Academic program development for universities

Universities have a key role to play in developing the next generation of entrepreneurs. Building a new entrepreneurship academic program is a challenging task, particularly in places where interest in entrepreneurship is emerging. Examples of our services are:

  • Development of entrepreneurship academic programs and specific courses
  • Training of faculty workshops focused on curriculum content and pedagogy
  • Ongoing remote support for faculty, including webinars

Program implementation

Through collaboration with in-country partners, we implement programs that reach entrepreneurs ranging from those who are potential to practicing, informal to scaling, and necessity to opportunity-based. Examples of services are:

  • Designing entrepreneurship programs based on best practices
  • Managing implementation of entrepreneurship development programs
  • Training entrepreneurs in collaboration with in-country partners
  • Capture changes in knowledge, skills and behaviors
  • Collect data to inform real time adaptations program

Other entrepreneurship support

  • Cultural exchange through entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneur mentorship programs
  • Incubator and accelerator development
  • Business pitch competition design


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