Healthcare Market Dynamics


Robust and well-functioning global and regional markets for medicines, vaccines, and other health products are key to achieving positive and efficient public health outcomes. Markets continue to evolve with changes in disease burden, product development, funding transitions, and individual country efforts aimed toward universal health coverage. The private sector is increasingly recognized as key to global public health objectives. The Sustainable Development Goals and program-specific goals in family planning, HIV, and vaccines, further necessitate the pursuit of sustainable, equitable and efficient markets. WDI brings healthcare, business, and economics expertise to its market dynamics effort.


What We Do

WDI’s healthcare market dynamics work focuses on generating knowledge and creating market-based solutions which improve access to healthcare products and services in emerging economies and low-resource regions of the world.  Our focus considers the total market — public, for-profit, and non-profit private sectors — with a lens aimed at the unique aspects of both supply and demand.  We study market systems and functioning with the intent of informing investment and programming, always with the ultimate goal of healthy markets to improve access to health products and services.

Our focus is to research, develop and evaluate market-based solutions.  In doing so, we work with funders, implementers, and other market participants to:

  • Create analytical frameworks for assessing health product markets
  • Identify key levers and mechanisms to increase access to health products such as medicines, vaccines, diagnostics, and other technologies
  • Conduct qualitative and quantitative research with market actors such as manufacturers, governments, other payers, providers, and implementing organizations
  • Apply private-sector principles to the development and introduction of new products into global health markets
  • Seek and evaluate opportunities to increase the efficiency of market mechanisms and product access to ensure rational use and value for money


How We Engage

We employ an approach that involves a client-specific combination of WDI staff, and University of Michigan faculty advisors and top-level MBA student teams from the Ross School of Business, who contribute field research and strategic thinking to the development of relevant, viable, and implementable solutions to specific challenges. This approach enables WDI to deploy a lean team that leverages existing resources to increase the return on our partners’ investments and allows WDI to remain nimble and focused on identifying innovative solutions that draw on multidisciplinary expertise.


Extensive Experience We have over 25 years of experience in addressing the challenges of viable and profitable business models for companies seeking to engage in emerging economies.
World-class Academic Institution We have the ability to leverage world class academic and multidisciplinary expertise at the Ross School of Business and other schools and colleges at the University of Michigan.
Partnerships We have developed strong relationships with partners, including hospitals, clinics, nonprofits, and multinational companies across developing countries.
Proven Expertise We have proven expertise in designing business models, testing strategies through piloting projects, and evaluating solutions for effectiveness and scalability.
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