Knowledge Sharing

Enhancing Poverty Alleviation Performance: Amplifying the Voice of Local Stakeholders

Guest Presenter: Kat Harrison, Director Research & Impact, SolarAid


Summary: This webinar reviewed qualitative methods to assess multidimensional impacts on local stakeholders of a poverty alleviation venture. WDI’s Heather Esper and Yaquta Fatehi shared how they assessed the poverty impacts on children of six different ventures using qualitative research to formulate a strategic analysis of each. They shared direct and indirect impacts and the importance of triangulation in this type of assessment. Attendees learned about the qualitative coding technique, references used, and data saturation points. Esper and Fatehi also reviewed how the Impact Assessment framework allowed them to compare and contrast impacts amongst stakeholders, both within each venture and across multiple ventures. The guest presenter, from SolarAid’s SunnyMoney, reviewed how the enterprise uses qualitative assessments in M&E processes and has used WDI’s findings to enhance positive impacts.

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