Open Enrollment Courses: Business Management

Project Management – Santiago, Chile

November 8-9, 2018


This program is designed for executives who already have experience in project management and who seek to improve their current processes. It presents an approach based on the best practices of leading companies worldwide that have implemented projects of different magnitude and complexity. During the program, the participants will know a strategic vision for the improvement of processes, and at the same time they will obtain tools and methods for a risk management of successful projects in their organizations. Themes include: creation and management of portfolios of programs and projects; key processes of project management: estimation, measurement, reports and risk; project measurement tools; cultures of risk taking: amateurs, tourists, professionals, natives; and risk analysis and planning.


Leadership and Decision Making – Santiago, Chile

November 26-27, 2018


This program is designed to help leaders know themselves as leaders and the different styles of leadership. Participants will gain tools to recognize what kind of leadership should be used in different situations and new practical ideas on how best to meet their leadership challenges. This seminar explores four approaches to leadership practice: 1) Heroic Focus: What kind of person should a leader be?; 2) Systems Approach: The construction of leadership capacity in the organizational system; 3) Correspondence approach: the Victor Vroom model; And 4) Design Focus: Create a process to do something through other people.


Negotiation ARTS – Bogotá, Colombia

November 19-20, 2018


This program is designed to develop expertise in managing and implementing business agreements through a wide variety of scenarios. The program will present a strategic framework to manage the structural and psychological characteristics of a negotiation (ART: Analysis, Recognition, Tactics and Strategy). The participants will work on the implications of this framework for the preparation of the negotiation, the negotiation itself and the management of the monitoring of the deal. The program focuses on delivering practical tools and recommendations for immediate application back to your workplace, and also the identification of the 5 factors that make the negotiation especially challenging: 1) Multiple topics, 2) multiple rounds, 3) multiple participants , 4) cultural differences and 5) management of the agreement.


Supply Chain and Logistics Management – Riga, Latvia

March 18-19, 2019


This program introduces cutting-edge models and practical tools for effective supply chain design and management. Topics include: effective inventory control; distribution and logistics management; utilizing e-business; partnering with suppliers and customers to reduce costs and increase service levels. This program is designed for senior-and middle-level managers with responsibilities in supply chain management, distribution management, inventory control, e-business, and procurement. It is also a valuable for consultants or general managers who would like a broader understanding of how different parts of supply chains fit together and managers responsible for implementation of new information, decision support, and enterprise resource planning.

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Strategic Management Program – Riga, Latvia

May 13-24, 2019


WDI’s flagship 10-day mini-MBA certificate program offers a broad, cross-functional approach to general management. Students learn the latest, best practices in the areas of finance, marketing, strategy, organizational management, and strategic HR management. The program incorporates lectures, case studies, small-group presentations and class discussions. Participants from a variety of industries engage in a lively exchange of ideas and insights. Students leave the program with an improved skill set and fresh ideas for approaching critical business issues. The program is conducted in English and taught by award-winning faculty.

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Decision Making – Riga, Latvia

May 30-31, 2019


This program is designed to help managers understand the obstacles to and develop the tools for sound decision-making in business settings. It features interactive demonstrations of biases/heuristics, showing how people fall prey to anchoring and adjustment, overconfidence in judgments about other people, and it has a direct application to negotiations. It also covers: anecdotal ideas about when intuition works, how the mind simplifies perception: selective perception; automaticity/mindlessness; heuristics/biases with clear business implications tied back to the demonstrations (e.g. hiring, negotiations, and persuasion). It also covers group decision-making pitfalls and best practices. The program will show participants when and why fast decision can be accurate and how to “educate your intuition” and put it to the test.  Ultimately, it will show individuals and companies how to improve decisions through these methods. It utilizes reflection exercises and surveys to provide individual feedback on decision- making styles, which participants discuss and compare within the class.


Advanced Negotiations – Riga, Latvia

June 5-6, 2019


As managers advance in their careers, the ability to negotiate well becomes essential. Often managers have a basic grasp of negotiations skills, but do not have the sophisticated approaches needed to negotiate successfully in challenging situations. This programme equips managers with the skills and confidence needed to be a master negotiator. Participants will learn research-based, managerially tested concepts. Concepts will then be put into practice through role plays and experiential exercises. Participants will learn many new tools to take back to the workplace.

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