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Aravind Eye Care System (AECS – India)


AECS is one of the largest eye care service providers in the world providing care to 4.7 million patients last year and conducting over 450,000 surgeries. It is one of the most successful health care delivery operations in the world and as a result, has been the subject of studies from universities and the World Health Organization for years. AECS has hospitals in 11 locations in southern part of India. WDI has been working with AECS since 1999 on a series of projects designed to improve operations. AECS opened a tertiary eye care center in Chennai in September 2017 that will ultimately serve more patients than any other facility in the AECS system.

This year, WDI worked on a project with AECS to strengthen the processes necessary to improve efficiency of specialty eye care, as demanded by the changing needs of patients in India. The project emphasized the creation of a new clinical position that would play a greater role in diagnosing and directing patients to the appropriate next step in delivery. AECS Chennai has started taking steps to implement the recommendations.

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