Our partners operate in low- and middle-income countries—and so do we. Our consulting work focuses on developing, adapting and applying sound business principles in key sectors. With field-based experience and academic rigor, our teams understand the dynamic challenges facing global industries. We partner with both for-profit and nonprofit organizations to create stronger economies and healthier societies.

Our Sectors & Services

Participants during the NGO Leadership Workshop in Warsaw


In an educational landscape that’s constantly changing, our work is driven by a simple vision: to create and disperse knowledge as part of a global conversation. We harness the latest thinking in education and business, and put it into action through world-class training and consulting projects.
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Over one billion people lack access to electricity, and billions more rely on dangerous and polluting fuels for cooking and heating. We identify individuals, communities and companies developing innovative approaches generating power and connect them with the expertise, knowledge, and tools to build profitable enterprises. 

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Capital is the building block of any business, but many have difficulty accessing the capital needed to grow. This is particularly true for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), which are responsible for 60 percent of employment in emerging economies, according to the World Bank. We explore financial mechanisms to lower the cost of capital for SMEs and other businesses.

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Working across the healthcare value chain, we help for-profit and non-profit organizations apply private sector thinking to a variety of challenges. Whether it’s maximizing vaccine coverage, improving access to specialty care, or securing access to reproductive health supplies—we assist these organizations to enter new markets, expand existing operations and improve their performance.

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Performance Measurement & Improvement

Organizations struggle to understand their economic, social, or environmental impact. Many collect too much, too little, or inaccurate data. We develop and implement holistic monitoring, evaluation and learning systems. Working closely with leaders at businesses and non-profits, we help them demonstrate their impact and value, while empowering decision-making.

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