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Integrate monitoring and evaluation with project design to improve outcomes


Develop innovative measurement approaches with partners in multiple sectors


Examine the breadth and depth of impact to inform decision-making


Measuring performance is critical to the success of any organization. Indeed, businesses that harness data to improve operations are more likely to achieve commercial success. As the WDI Performance Measurement and Improvement team (PMI) we design and implement context-specific measurement tools and learning processes for both for-profit businesses and non-profit organizations in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). These processes are iterative and evolve from the early design phase to a fully scaled operation. Our team specializes in applying multidimensional assessment, while also integrating business indicators, to create unique insights into the effectiveness, sustainability and scalability of our clients.

By applying qualitative and quantitative methods, we measure complex impacts—from household income to women’s empowerment to children’s well-being. We also collaborate with and train business and non-profit leaders to design and implement solutions in assessment and continuous improvement. We take pride in helping our partners develop their measurement systems and capabilities, rooted in the latest proven methodologies.

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Heather Esper

Heather Esper

Director, Performance Measurement & Improvement



Heather Esper is the Director of the Performance Measurement and Improvement team. She has over a decade of experience leading partnerships and research in low- and middle-income countries. She specializes in designing and implementing customized monitoring, evaluation and learning solutions to assess and enhance the economic, social and environment performance and outcomes of organizations and businesses.  Esper holds a Master of Public Health and Bachelor of Science in global health from the University of Michigan.

Our Capabilities

Our team harnesses proven research designs and data collection tools to understand, monitor and improve the socio-economic and environmental performance of organizations. We collaborate with and train leaders at businesses and non-profit organizations to design and implement solutions in the areas of impact measurement and management, as well as continuous improvement. (Click to download our complete Capability Statement).

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