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WDI’s Global Virtual Learning Center (GVLC) builds workplace skills, creates international linkages, and promotes economic growth in low and middle-income countries.

The GVLC builds upon WDI’s success as a provider of virtual learning. From virtual exchange programs like M²GATE — which connected 545 undergraduate students from 5 countries — to certificate skills programs in areas like team building and entrepreneurship to professional training programs for companies like Dell, we use virtual methods to support learners and build their skillsets for the future.

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Our Programs

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Coming Fall 2024

This eight-week program features live webinars, guest talks, short videos, online quizzes and a capstone project challenging participants to conceptualize and pitch a new business via video. The team videos are judged by program mentors, with winning teams receiving an award certificate and social media promotion of their projects. Our pilot program, offered in spring 2023, reached 88 participants from nine countries. 

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Team Building for Results

Coming Fall 2024

This seven-week program equips participants with the skills to become a star team player. Participants learn from interactive online modules, live webinars, assignments and quizzes to test their understanding of the content as they go through the program. We have offered the program twice to-date: in 2021,with  91 participants representing seven countries and in 2021, with  53 participants from 11 countries. 

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Successful Communicators

Coming Fall 2024

This five-week program takes an in-depth look at communication in the context of today’s workplace, both in the physical and virtual worlds. Participants learn new strategies for successful communications, both internally as well as with clients and customers. We have offered the program twice to-date, with a 2020 cohort reaching 170 participants from nine countries and a 2021 cohort reaching 116 participants from nine countries.

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Leadership Development

Coming Fall 2024

This seven-week program is designed to help participants become better leaders. Through videos, online quizzes, and a capstone project, participants learn what it takes to be a successful leader in today’s world, how to recognize their strengths as a leader, and how to work more effectively with others. First offered in 2020, this program reached 126 participants from 10 countries.

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Green Ventures Global Exchange

Coming Fall 2024

This new eight-week program is designed to cultivate the next generation of environmentally conscious leaders worldwide with a focus on serving university students and young professionals from low- and middle-income countries. Focusing on critical thinking, cross-cultural collaboration and entrepreneurial skills, this course offers those just beginning professional careers with hands-on experience in business planning and marketing. 

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Why Work with us?

We leverage the resources of the University of Michigan, a leading U.S. research university.

We draw on a global network of university partners and other organizations.

Our programs utilize ExtendEd, a proprietary portal optimized for virtual learning.

We have experience developing e-learning and implementing large scale virtual programming.​

Our Services

The GVLC designs and delivers virtual programs and services, including:


Advisory services for institutions interested in virtual programming.​

Program Management​

Management services and expertise in virtual exchange (technology-enabled, sustained, people-to-people education programs) and other online program models (including: geographically dispersed, classroom to classroom, and others).​

Curriculum Design​

Development and consultation on curriculum for virtual learning and online pedagogy.​

Two University of Michigan students participating in a virtual learning course.

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