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Our programs are:

Connect people across cultures
Utilize virtual technologies & platforms
Focus on skills development & pedagogy


WDI’s Global Virtual Learning Center (GVLC)  advances the practice of global virtual learning to create international linkages and promote economic growth in emerging markets.

The GVLC builds upon WDI’s success as a provider of virtual learning. From virtual exchange programs like M²GATE (which connected 545 undergraduate students from Michigan, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, and Tunisia) to professional training programs for companies like Dell, we use virtual methods to support learners and build their skillsets for the future. We leverage digital technologies to offer virtual exchanges, global entrepreneurship and professional training, and action-based workshops.

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Our Model

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At the GVLC, we design every virtual program to cultivate the skills learners need for the workplace, including virtual teamwork, cross-cultural communications and leadership.

Building on our expertise, our partners’ needs and best practices in virtual learning, we create excellent tech-enabled learning experiences. In every program, we integrate practices such as action-based learning; synchronous, asynchronous, and blended approaches; and learner-support systems.

We help each of our learners to become more employable, globally connected, prepared for the workplace, and skilled in digital literacy, cultural competency, leadership, and teamwork.

Why virtual learning?

Virtual learning holds many advantages for today’s learners. Effective virtual programs are:

  • Relevant: Attractive to today’s digitally fluent, mobile students.
  • Flexible: Engage learners from almost anywhere and on their own schedule.
  • Cost-effective: Can be scaled to maximize impact.
  • Accessible: Effectively bridge cultures and reach under-resourced communities and non-traditional learners.
  • Skill-based: Provide critical, lifelong skills, including virtual teamwork, cross-cultural collaboration, digital project management, and technological know-how.
  • Cutting-edge: Enable innovative models of learning.

Why work with the GVLC?

  • We leverage the resources of the University of Michigan, a leading U.S. research university.
  • We draw on a global network of university partners and other organizations.
  • Our programs utilize ExtendEd, a proprietary portal optimized for virtual learning.
  • We have experience developing e-learning and implementing large scale virtual programming.

Our Services

The GVLC designs and delivers virtual programs and services, including:

  • Consultation: Advisory services for institutions interested in virtual programming.
  • Curriculum design: Development and consultation on curriculum for virtual learning and online pedagogy.
  • Program management: Management services and expertise in virtual exchange (technology-enabled, sustained, people-to-people education programs) and other online program models (including: geographically dispersed, classroom to classroom, and others).

Our Portfolio

The GVLC builds upon WDI’s success delivering virtual learning.

Business & Culture: A Virtual Practicum

Business & Culture: A Virtual Practicum is an action-learning course, funded by the Stevens Initiative,  on international business cultures that brings together students from Egypt, Lebanon, Libya, and the U.S. Participants attend synchronous lectures by international faculty, work on interregional teams through synchronous and asynchronous exchange, employ field research methods to learn about one another’s business cultures, and create a final project that captures their cross-cultural learnings. The program equips young people in the U.S. and MENA region with the competencies they need to communicate, problem-solve, and collaborate in a global team environment— all essential 21st century skills in an interconnected world.


The MENA-Michigan Initiative for Global Action Through Entrepreneurship (M²GATE) program, funded by the Stevens Initiative, brought together 545 students from five Michigan university campuses and their peers in Egypt, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia. Harnessing the power of virtual exchange, students collaborated to find entrepreneurial solutions to social challenges in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, while learning new skills, building cross-cultural experiences and forging new relationships.

Dell “Marketing Excellence” Course

Since 2013, WDI has delivered virtual marketing executive education programs to Dell’s global employees.

Strategic Management Program

WDI’s flagship 10-day mini-MBA program combines elearning modules on Competition and Finance, optimizing participants’ learning time.


In this USAID-funded program, WDI used customized short e-learning modules in conjunction with an in-person workshop to train Philippine professors in case study pedagogy.


One of the GLVC’s goals is to share knowledge about the emerging field of virtual learning and disseminate cutting-edge research and best practices.

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Our Team

Our team collaborates with partners and instructors around the world to create programs  tailored to fit learners’ unique needs. We liaise with instructors who have experience creating innovative and rigorous content and expertise in designing and creating motivational programs.


Amy Gillett

Amy Gillett

Vice President / Education
Secretary, WDI Board of Directors


Nathan Rauh-Bieri

Senior Program Administrator, Education

Meghan Neuhaus

Meghan Neuhaus

Senior Project Manager, Grants Management

John Branch

John Branch

Faculty Affiliate

Christerfer Frazier

Christerfer Frazier

IT Project Manager

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