U-M Student Opportunities


For over 25 years, WDI has been committed to supporting and enhancing the global emerging market experiences of graduate students at the University of Michigan. We have several opportunities for students to engage with WDI and our work during their program of study at U-M.

Global Impact Internship Program – WDI organizes and sponsors graduate student summer internships through its Global Impact Internship Program. Visit the Global Impact Internship page for more details.

Multidisciplinary Action Projects (MAPs) – WDI organizes and sponsors many MAPs in conjunction with U-M’s Ross School of Business. Visit the Multidisciplinary Action Projects page for more details.

Elective Course Offerings – Through our close affiliation with the Ross School of Business, WDI offers U-M students opportunities to learn more about using business strategies in poverty alleviation or innovative strategies in increasing access to healthcare in emerging markets. Visit the Elective Course Offerings page for more details.

WDI Part-time Research Assistant Job Opportunities – U-M students are encouraged to check our current job openings for opportunities to be hired as a part-time Research Assistant.


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