An introduction.

NextBillion, an initiative of WDI, is the leading online source for strategies that create opportunities and improve the quality of life for the world’s four billion low-income producers and consumers. By delivering insightful coverage, sharing ideas, stimulating discussion and providing solutions, NextBillion is a growing community of practitioners, business and nonprofit leaders, entrepreneurs, academics and students dedicated to advancing market solutions to poverty. It provides impactful commentary and analysis for base of the pyramid approaches across multiple sectors – including healthcare, financial innovation, energy, agriculture, housing and water/sanitation, among other topics.

NextBillion is also a destination for discovering important networking and educational events, relevant news articles, and career listings.

In 2015, NextBillion celebrated its tenth year in publication. The site continues to grow in readers with more than 50,000 unique page views each month and has a social media audience of over 110,000.

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