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A Decision Framework for the Access Strategy of Medicines for Malaria Venture

Many new Product Development Partnerships (PDPs) have recently been formed with the sole objective of developing drugs for neglected diseases with a high prevalence in the developing world. Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV) is a PDP that was established in 1999 to develop new effective drugs for malaria. With an initial mission to “discover” and “develop” drugs, in 2006, MMV took on the additional challenge of “delivery” of its products. This presents the organization with a series of new challenges considering the market for these drugs does not function properly. This paper identifies the main issues to be addressed in order to ensure the uptake of antimalarial drugs and examines MMV’s role as a public private partnership in tackling these issues. It then uses stylized models to understand the need and potential benefits from MMV’s involvement in these areas. This research provides MMV with the tools to develop a clear strategy to approach their role in access and delivery of antimalarial drugs to patients in endemic countries.

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