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Qualitative methodology – Enhancing poverty alleviation performance: Amplifying the voice of local stakeholders

This webinar focuses on qualitative methods to assess multidimensional impacts on all local stakeholders using our ‘Focusing on the Next Generation: An Exploration of Enterprise Impacts on Child Poverty’ series as an example. We share methods used to assess the poverty impacts of six different ventures including Patrimonio Hoy, Sanergy, SunnyMoney, Honey Care Africa, Villa Andina and Penda Health. We identify the stakeholders interviewed and our data collection process. Additionally, we share direct and indirect impacts and the importance of triangulation in this type of assessment. Attendees hear about our qualitative coding technique and references used, as well as data saturation points. Most importantly, we review how the framework allowed us to compare and contrast impacts among stakeholders, both within each venture and across multiple ventures. Our guest speaker, from SolarAid’s SunnyMoney, reviews how they use qualitative assessments in M&E processes and tips for new ventures

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