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Enhancing Poverty Alleviation Performance: Quantifying Changes Experienced by Local Stakeholders

Guest Presenter: Jean-Christophe Laugee, Social Innovation and Ecosystem Director, Danone Ecosystems


Summary: This webinar focused on quantitative methods to assess multidimensional impacts of poverty alleviation ventures. Attendees learned how the Impact Assessment Framework was applied to Danone Ecosystem Fund’s Semilla in order to develop a performance analysis. WDI’s Heather Esper and Yaquta Fatehi identified stakeholders interviewed and the data collection process for this project. They also reviewed the methodology, highlighting quantitative survey development, cognitive testing during the pre-test phase, and survey features tested in the pilot. Highlighting the webinar was Danone Ecosystem Fund’s Jean-Christophe Laugee who shared his experiences with quantitative assessment. (Recording starts at Slide 10)

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