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The Health Results Innovation Trust Fund (HRITF) – A Model of Learning to Improve Value for Money in Health Programs

Speaker: Monique Vledder, Manager/HRITF & Senior Health Specialist, The World Bank.

The idea of paying based on results achieved, rather than for inputs, is gaining significant momentum in international development and global health. Results Based Financing (RBF) encompasses a range of mechanisms designed to enhance access to and delivery of social services through the use of performance-based incentives, rewards, or subsidies. The HRITF is a multi-donor trust fund created by the World Bank in 2007 to support Result Based Financing (RBF) approaches in the health sector. The HRITF provides developing country governments and policy makers a greater menu of options to choose from when designing health sector programs. All programs are jointly financed by HRITF and IDA, the World Bank fund for the poorest countries. Over 36 pilots in 31 countries in the last 5 years with a total of US$ 2 Billion in HRITF and IDA funding have helped generate a strong understanding of how RBF based approaches can create greater value for money and help health, nutrition and population programs achieve better outcomes in reproductive, maternal, neonatal and child health, and also on poverty, equity and gender issues. This speech presented highlights from select programs and pilots run by the World Bank and its country partners and highlighted key lessons learned.

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