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The Impact of Semilla: Outcomes of Employment on Salespersons (Non-confidential, Public version)

This non-confidential version of the report presents the research design and methodology used by the Performance Measurement Initiative in an impact assessment study PMI conducted of Semilla, a project funded by Danone Ecosystem Fund with local partners in Mexico City that employed mainly women from low-income households to sell Danone products through a last mile distribution model.

The study was divided into two parts: a strategic analysis to gain a deep understanding of Semilla’s holistic set of impacts, followed by a performance analysis to identify and track potential improvements in key indicators over time. This methodology ensured that all stakeholders’ voices were heard and incorporated into solutions to improve Semilla’s business model. This version of the report also discusses the data collection experience and the analysis strategy used. It also includes the final survey used to collect the quantitative and qualitative data (found in Annex C). Please note that all confidential material associated with the report has been removed in the document.

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