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Tracking and Improving Progress to Sustainable Development with the Private Sector.

Yaquta Fatehi, a program manager with WDI’s Performance Measurement & Improvement team, presented and moderated a panel at the “Sustainability and Development 2019” conference in October organized by the School of Environment and Sustainability (SEAS) at the University of Michigan. WDI’s session, “Tracking and Improving Progress to Sustainable Development with the Private Sector,” fell under one of the conference themes of “Mobilizing the Private Sector.” 

This session also included panelists from World Vision, the University of Michigan and Erasmus University Rotterdam.  The presentation slides can be downloaded below. 

The session abstract read: Poverty data can provide unique insights into a company’s clients. Collecting such data can uncover truths of who is being reached and what their needs are, which in turn provides opportunities for the company to better meet those needs along the value chain as well as advance their overall sustainable development. This session will share the experience from designing, collecting and analyzing such data with one enterprise based in Mexico City, Mexico. The presenter will share the method used in designing the M&E plan, the key performance indicators, and the findings from data collection that were used to develop recommendations to strengthen the enterprise’s sustainability and design a performance monitoring system. The presenter will also discuss the benefits of shifting the dialogue of ‘M&E for accountability and reporting’ to ‘M&E for that but also continuous learning and adaptive management’. The presenter will also share lessons learned from working with private sector partners on projects across the globe including India, Kenya, etc., and share certain tools to strengthen this type of relationship. The session will also share key performance indicators that can be used to measure the Sustainable Development Goals.  

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