Encouraging Words At Case Writing Workshop

Friday, April 24, 2015

On the third and final day of the case writing workshop in Manila led by WDI, two graduates of the first workshop stopped by to give some encouraging words to the current cohort of 35 professors from across the Philippines.

Mary Gretchen Chaves

Carolina Sangga, a physics professor from the Technological Institute of the Philippines who published a case after the workshop, told the current group of workshop participants to push through the long writing and editing process. It is worth it in the end, she said.

“When I saw the final copy of my case, I was so excited about it,” she said.

Sangga said she has used the case in her course and said it was a “very, very good activity.”

“I saw how the students had to use their critical thinking mind,” she said.

Mary Gretchen Chaves from the University of the Philippines – Cebu joked that she wasn’t sure if she was there to inspire or scare the workshop attendees. She told them to look at it as a challenge.

She told her fellow professors to write with the students in mind, write about what you know, and show patience, perseverance and passion.

Following the two professors’ remarks, a brief ceremony was held for others from the first workshop. They were presented with a certificate and a copy of their cases.

The three-day workshop is part of the STRIDE project, which aims to foster economic growth and development in the Philippines through support of education, research, and industry partnerships in high-growth economic fields, including science and technology. The five-year project is funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in partnership with RTI International.

The workshop increases understanding and use of the case teaching method in the Philippines, where few cases about domestic companies and institutions have been written. Using case studies as teaching materials provides students with opportunities to apply what they are learning in the classroom to the real-life challenges and decisions faced by business owners and leaders of organizations.

Through collaboration with GlobaLens, WDI’s publishing division, each completed case will be professionally edited, published, and made available for free to university faculty members worldwide.

The 19 completed case studies from the first workshop, held last year, are available at

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