Fueling Public-Private Partnerships in Ukraine

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

WDI has successfully completed four years of work in the Ukraine on a project to bring public-private partnerships to the country and open the door to private sector participation in infrastructure and public service delivery – including health and education.

Boiler installation for biofuel PPP project.

WDI partnered with FHI360, a major Washington, D.C. consulting firm, on the USAID-funded program to promote the use of public-private partnerships. A primary goal for the Public-Private Partnership Development Program in Ukraine (P3DP) was to build the capacity of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade (MoEDT) to establish a national-level initiative to create partnerships by bringing together government and private sector interests.

During the four years of work, WDI provided senior-level advice to numerous Ukrainian government and private sector organizations on PPP-related issues, including policy, legislation, and investment projects. This was done in several workshops, seminars and conferences throughout the region.

WDI also was instrumental in launching the PPP and Infrastructure Expert Center (PIEC), which is based at the American Chamber of Commerce in Kiev, and serves as a platform for businesses and other stakeholders to advocate for reforms that improve the environment for PPP and investment into infrastructure.

Ukraine’s first biofuel heating public-private partnership was established in the northern town of Malyn, thanks in part to the efforts of WDI. Ukraine historically has been dependent on natural gas imports from Russia for heating. However, gas supplies have been threatened by armed conflict and ongoing price disputes, sparking increased interest in energy efficiency and alternative fuels.

WDI helped put together a well-structured PPP that attracted the private sector financing, technology, and management expertise necessary for infrastructure and public service projects.

WDI consultant David Lawrence served as senior technical assistance coordinator for the final two years of the project, from 2013- 2015. Lawrence was responsible for supporting P3DP’s communications, building donor and private sector relations, and providing technical input and general guidance to the P3DP, among other things.

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