Off Grid Energy Topic Of Latest NextBillion E-Book

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

NextBillion, the website and blog operated by WDI, has published its latest e-book. The e-book, “Going Off Grid,” looks at the future of off-grid energy investment and highlights some promising projects and expanding , such as the World Bank’s Lighting Africa program and Greenlight Planet in India.

The e-book is based on the NextBillion series also named “Going Off Grid.” Articles explored new technologies, new business models, and new forms of investing and participation in the developing market of energy infrastructure.

Read the e-book here.

Read NextBillion Managing Editor Scott Anderson’s introduction of the e-book here.

This is the third e-book published by NextBillion. Earlier books are “Impact Investing Insights” and “Market Dynamics,” which was published by NextBillion Health Care.

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