Readers Vote NextBillion’s Best Posts of 2015

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

At the end of 2015,, WDI’s affiliated site focused on enterprise through development, held its annual “Most Influential Post of the Year Contest.”

NextBillion re-published the top 12 most viewed articles (one for each month) the last two weeks of December and readers were encouraged to vote for the article that they found the most informative, insightful or inspirational in 2015. Find all the nominees here.

After all the votes were counted, the winners were crowned Jan. 5. Read about the first, second and third place winners here.

Heather Esper and Yaquta Kanchwala Fatehi, both of WDI’s Performance Measurement Initiative, wrote one of the 12 finalist articles. Read their article, “The State of Assessment: Why the ‘Assess or Not’ Debate Continues and How We Can Move Beyond It” here.

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