Video Replay: July 18 Impact Assessment Webinar

Sunday, July 20, 2014

The third and final webinar presented July 18 by WDI’s Impact Assessment program is now available for viewing online.

The webinar, “Enhancing Poverty Alleviation Performance: Quantifying Changes Experienced By Local Stakeholders,” focused on quantitative methods to assess multidimensional impacts. Click here to watch the webinar.

The webinar covered how WDI’s Impact Assessment Framework was applied to develop a performance analysis for Danone Ecosystem Fund’s Semilla. It identified stakeholders interviewed and the data collection process. The webinar also reviewed the methodology, highlighting quantitative survey development, cognitive testing during the pre-test phase, and survey features tested in the pilot.

WDI’s Heather Esper and Yaquta Kanchwala Fatehi, who led the webinar, shared field experiences and data collection best practices. Jean-Christophe Laugee shared Danone Ecosystem Fund’s quantitative assessment experiences.

Questions from attendees were addressed after the presentation.

The first of the three webinars was held May 28, and the second on June 17. Watch the May 28 webinar here. Watch the June 17 webinar here.

The webinar series was targeted to development practitioners, managers of social enterprises, impact investors, CSR managers, and evaluation officers. During the webinars, Esper and others introduced the concept of measuring multiple dimensions of poverty alleviation through qualitative and quantitative methodologies.

Following the three webinars, a hands-on Impact Assessment Workshop will be held in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Although the webinars and workshop fit together, it is not necessary to attend all four events, Esper said. Find more information on all the webinars and workshop here.

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