WDI Debuts Improved Website & New Logo

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

With a refreshed set of research initiatives, WDI felt it was important to re-think its website so the Institute could present its work in a more compelling and visually appealing way. WDI also wanted to update its logo with a revitalized look and colors that better matched our University affiliation.

Here is a closer look at those updates.


The new website includes several improvements with the goal of ensuring that visitors stay connected with WDI by quickly finding the information they need across all initiatives and focus areas.

To do this, the site boasts a clear visual hierarchy, is organized in a way that is logical, easy to understand and uncluttered. The new design also has a clear delineation between the types of information presented (e.g. WDI news items, ongoing projects, and research) and features a common look for each section with similar fonts and templates.

The new site also has prominent links to and NextBillion is the WDI-managed web community that is focused on development through enterprise in emerging markets. WDI Publishing professionally writes, edits, publishes and markets cutting-edge case studies and other teaching materials for top-tier universities globally. These   materials can be searched, accessed, and adopted via the e-commerce site WDI’s case studies have been adopted by over 200 renowned academic institutions worldwide.Visitors can easily toggle back and forth between and NextBillion, as well as quickly link to

WDI worked with the Ann Arbor-based Phire Group on the new website. In addition to speaking with the WDI staff about its work and its needs in a new website, Phire designers also engaged with several of the Institute’s external partners to get their feedback.

Overall, the WDI website better showcases the Institute’s work and capabilities, drives more engagement and therefore increases the impact WDI can have on its mission of providing market based solutions in emerging economies.


Along with the new website, WDI has refreshed its logo to better reflect the Institute’s focus, mission and affiliation. The new WDI new logo consists of the Institute’s name and six yellow, window-like squares arranged in two rows.

The window-like squares represent WDI’s “view into emerging markets” and visually support its mission statement “to develop knowledge and capability that helps improve the effectiveness of firms and social welfare in emerging economies.”

Also, the maize and blue colors in the new logo mirror those of the University of Michigan. This is fitting because WDI is proud of its close affiliation with the University and often leverages its top-ranked and highly regarded academic resources and expertise for its global projects.

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