Davontae “Nate” Foxx-Drew

Davontae “Nate” Foxx-Drew

Davontae “Nate” Foxx-Drew (MBA and Master of Health Services Administration, ‘24) is pursuing a dual-degree from the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business and School Public Health. An alumnus of the University of California, Los Angeles with a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and African American Studies, Foxx-Drew’s drive stems from a deep-seated interest in healthcare executive leadership, aiming to reshape healthcare delivery systems globally.

While at Ross, Foxx-Drew completed a WDI-sponsored Multidisciplinary Action Project in Ethiopia, targeting improving healthcare access in sub-Saharan Africa. Collaborating with International Clinical Laboratories and Cerba Lancet Africa, the objective was to enhance access to essential laboratory and diagnostic supplies. In 2024, Foxx-Drew  plans to work with a WDI partner, the International Center for Rehabilitation, in Ghana, which was established by Dr. Abena Tannor. Foxx-Drew will assist in the development of a hand and wrist rehabilitation device developed by Tannor, WDI and University of Michigan engineering students.

Foxx-Drew has worked with various global entities, from strategizing HR initiatives for the University of California to optimizing healthcare solutions in Ethiopia.

After completing his studies, Foxx-Drew  has accepted a full-time role at UnitedHealth Group, where he will join their Leadership Experience cohort. In this position, Foxx-Drew will work across the UHG enterprise in strategy, operations, and risk management, furthering his commitment to increasing access to care and demonstrating his leadership in healthcare and health equity. His post-graduate career at UnitedHealth Group aligns with his vision of designing robust, efficient, and inclusive healthcare delivery models.

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