Stephen Schiavone

Stephen Schiavone

Stephen Schiavone (Weekend MBA ‘24) is completing the Weekend MBA at U-M’s Ross School of Business. Born and raised outside of New York City, Schiavone has always been involved with small businesses and the startup space. Schiavone is a graduate of a Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with dual majors in Business and Design, Innovation, and Society. Schiavone has been working as a technology consultant, as well as for the past six years. He has a passion for solving complex business and technology challenges with diverse teams.

Schiavone completed a WDI-sponsored MAP project with Poornatha in India.  His team worked to extend their training program into business to consumer operations and added a consulting element.

After graduating from U-M, Schiavone plans to pursue a career in Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition (ETA), starting a Search Fund in Spring 2024

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