VisionSpring, formerly Scojo Foundation, is a social enterprise founded by Jordan Kassalow and Scott Berrie in 2001, a year after Kassalow co-founded Scojo Vision LLC, a designer and distributor of high-end reading glasses. VisionSpring works to ensure affordable access to eyewear, everywhere. The World Health Organization estimates that over 700? people who need eyeglasses do not have access to this important product. This leads to an estimated 35% loss of economic productivity, children falling out of school, and a significant loss of quality of life. Since inception, VisionSpring has sold over 1.6M eyeglasses to their target customers who typically earn between $1-$8 per day. As a social enterprise, VisionSpring deploys philanthropic capital to uncover economically viable business models that can scale through market forces. In 2013, their operations in Central America were on the cusp of achieving this important milestone.

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