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Developing a Common Vision of Effective and Efficient Global Health Supply Chains

October 2014 - July 2018


Global health agencies are increasingly turning their attention to the critical area of supply chain management for health products in developing countries. While they have made many large investments, a clear and sustainable long-term strategy is needed to address some of the root causes of supply chain underperformance. Solutions will focus on the long-term transformation of country supply chains to support global health goals. Developing a more strategic view of supply chains in the future will enable today’s supply chain investments to be better prepared for future demand, financing and supply scenarios.

This project, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, focused on:

  1. Providing practical and substantive short cases, infographics, simulation tools, and high level frameworks to communicate the complex aspects of global health supply chains to a range of stakeholders.
  2. Framing supply chain improvement opportunities within the greater context of global and national health and development goals.
  3. Comparing performance of different supply chain models across multiple dimensions including cost, delivery effectiveness, long term sustainability, quality, integrity, stock visibility
  4. Enabling stronger and more meaningful engagement with large private companies with strong supply chain expertise
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