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Governance Recommendations for a Rapidly Growing Medical Center

January 2017 - April 2017


KenyaRelief is a US & Kenyan non-profit organization in Migori, Kenya. They are a faith based ministry operating a surgery center, school and an orphanage in Kenya. KenyaRelief is undergoing continuous expansion and envisions becoming a 300-bed medical center. A team was engaged to conduct analysis and provide recommendations on KenyaRelief’s governance structure as it transitions from an outpatient, mission-oriented medical clinic to a 300-bed full-service medical center as well as a recommendation of what structural changes can be made to support the future facility and ensure a smooth transition of control from primarily US to primarily Kenyan leadership. The team provided recommendations on a short-medium-long-term governance structure (to accommodate its growth), establishment of board of trustees & board of directors including composition of members and selection criteria and an implementation plan to achieve the outcomes.

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