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HANSHEP Health Enterprise Fund Grantee Study (Kenya & Ethiopia)


WDI is studying how the availability of grants and technical assistance facilitates the efforts of health enterprises to reach scale, particularly in the provision of family planning products and services. This study tracks the performance of a subset of participants in the HANSHEP Health Enterprise Fund (HHEF). In the first year of this study, the research team identified a set of key capacities that participating health enterprises considered to be important in achieving increases in access to family planning, and how support from the HHEF helped to build these capacities. In the second year of the study, the team is seeking to better understand the economics of how family planning products and services are integrated into the enterprise’s business model. The team is also exploring other sources and types of support received by these enterprises and any gaps that remained, with the aim of improving the design of similar interventions in the future.

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