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Improving Reproductive Health Supply Chain Design Through Rapid and Flexible Cost Modeling

June 2018 - May 1, 2019


An effective and efficient supply chain is critical to building a strong health system, however, identifying and implementing high-performing supply chain designs can be a challenge for many healthcare leaders. Data on supply chain costs and performance are often lacking, as are benchmarks for understanding how much a supply chain should cost. Analyzing potential future design improvements is difficult without expensive, specialized modeling software.

WDI’s Healthcare Team, in collaboration with VillageReach, is addressing this gap by developing and disseminating an Excel-based rapid supply chain modeling tool. The goal of this tool is to simplify the process of creating, testing and analyzing different supply chain design scenarios within a given country context. Through this simplified approach, WDI’s tool can help health program leaders more quickly and easily identify ways of improving the efficiency of their supply chain.

Download Demo of Excel Supply Chain Analysis Tool

Download Blank of Excel Supply Chain Analysis Tool

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