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Institut Africain de Management (IAM – Senegal)


WDI has been working with IAM since 2016 on an academic partnership focused on developing a supply chain program. The goal of the partnership is to graduate students that multinational companies will want to hire for their supply chain needs in West Africa. WDI has been working with IAM on the business model for delivering a supply chain program that will be profitable. The program includes three key features:

  1. It provides curriculum that is consistent with the best business schools in the world while offering the flexibility needed by the Senegal audience. For example, while the initial program is designed as a Masters in Supply Chain Management, students with more specific educational needs or interests will be able to take just those relevant courses.
  2. The pedagogy takes advantage of recent advances in technology and the science of learning by incorporating all forms of teaching including online courses, simulations and action-based learning.
  3. The program is working with the private sector to ensure the students understand the application of concepts in companies and to ensure the school has a mechanism to remain in touch with private sector challenges.

In October 2017, the program was launched with an initial cohort of 13 students. WDI has continued to enhance the courses while also adding new elements, including exploring opportunities to introduce internships.

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