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Landscaping of Women’s Health Social Enterprises & Investment Opportunities (Latin America)

April 17, 2019 - July 31, 2019


WDI’s Healthcare team is conducting a project for the Linked Foundation to inform social enterprise investment in Latin America. The Foundation seeks to identify market-based, impact investment opportunities specific to women’s health in Latin America, based on an integrated assessment of the major unmet needs in combination with identification of high-impact solutions and opportunities to foster the enterprise ecosystem and sustainable women’s health solutions. WDI developed  an analytic methodology, conducted a landscaping for Colombia and Peru, and is now finalizing the report. Linked anticipates this work will inform their investment strategy as well as catalyzing additional resources to the most-needed areas in women’s health in Latin America.

This project has generated significant visibility for WDI, as Linked Foundation has invited the WDI team to present at three conference settings, and the reports are co-branded by Linked Foundation and WDI.

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