Programs & Projects

MADE (India)


WDI is a founding partner of the Michigan Academy for Developing Entrepreneurs (MADE), along with Poornatha Foundation in India and the Zell Lurie Institute at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business. MADE was established to support small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in low-and middle-income countries through local Entrepreneur Development Organizations (EDOs). MADE connects the resources of the University of Michigan (U-M) with the EDOs in the field through its governance. The governing board includes seats for different institutes at the University of Michigan and EDOs in different countries around the world. Thus, the EDOs have a direct role in determining the products and services offered by MADE. MADE has involved students and/or faculty from the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, psychology department, Institute for Social Research, Stamps School of Art and Design, Law School and School of Education

Poornatha (India)

Poornatha has provided training to over 800 SMEs by entering into a partnership with Indian Bank to provide online training to 1,500 micro, small and medium enterprise entrepreneur account holders of the bank in 10 vernacular languages.  The program was launched by the honorable Minister of Finance and Corporate Affairs of India.  More recently Poornatha reached an agreement to provide training to 500 operators of retail electronic outlets. Poorantha has also launched its direct online training program – “Empower” to train entrepreneurs in the vernacular. The program received an overwhelming response of 76 entrepreneur registrations. Poornatha has also been investigating the best way to extend its Journey in Joy (JnJ) model of training across India.  As a part of Michigan Academy for Developing Entrepreneurs (MADE), Poornatha’s activities have been supported by WDI and MADE in various ways including research on opportunities, assistance in development of programs and specific products to be used in these programs such as the business assessment tool.  MADE also collaborated with Poornatha and University of Michigan’s School of Education to launch a study on Poornatha’s entrepreneurship learning modules, pedagogy and impact of the course on entrepreneurs through photo documentation. Poornatha has provided training to over 800 SMEs by entering into a partnership with Indian Bank.

Private Equity Support (Kenya)

Work with PES is focused on developing a systematic approach for assisting locally (Kenyan) owned SMEs by equipping them with the necessary training and skills, providing one-on-one support and then developing a template for providing such assistance in the future based on the learnings from the one-on-one offerings. Students have also worked on developing two business assessment surveys – intake and diagnostic. The intake survey is a short survey that provides PES with information on whether an SME is suited for its business offerings – consulting & advisory services. The diagnostic survey is a longer one that provides PES with a comprehensive picture of the various aspects of an SME’s business after PES takes it on as its client.

LvBS Consulting (Ukraine)

Teams have been working with LvBS Consulting to develop a consulting program focused on marketing. Specifically, a survey tool has been developed to help identify areas in which the clients can focus their efforts, and training materials have been identified to help educate clients in specific areas of marketing. The tool has already been tested by a few SMEs that LvBS works with.

Institut Africain de Management (IAM) (Senegal)

An MBA student worked on developing a framework for knowledge transfer between the EDOs and an implementation plan for a pilot project. The project focused upon  knowledge transfer of Poornatha’s ‘Empower’ training modules (described above) to IAM. The pilot training sessions are currently underway in Dakar (Nov 2021).

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