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MHealth Ventures India



MHealth Ventures India (MVI) was formed in late 2010 to bring reliable healthcare advice to communities in India at an affordable cost. Its first product was a “call-a-doctor” service that allowed anyone speak to a doctor 24/7 in Hindi, Marathi, and English for as little as 75 cents USD per consultation. The service targets 40 million Hindi- and Marathi-speaking households who lack medical care, but have access to mobile phones. Ross student intern Neelay Choudhury worked with MVI to develop a distribution strategy, including how MVI should grow geographically; financial projections; staffing/resourcing; and investment requirements. Choudhury also developed a set of bundled product concepts that MVI could use to approach prospective partners, as well as a method to assess the attractiveness of bundled product and distribution options.

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