Programs & Projects

Assessing Financial Processes and Providing Recommendations for Hospital

January 2014 - April 2014


Our partnership with the Ruli District Hospital (RDH) and the Ihangane Project (TIP) is to improve healthcare service delivery and operations in Rwanda’s Gakenke District. The Ihangane Project is invested in the improvement of health in the Ruli area, through the provision of material, clinical, and technical assistance to the Ruli District Hospital Health System and Ruli community members. The project scope involved analysis of cash flows within the Ruli Hospital and provide recommendations to improve hospital financial systems. The team focused on cost recovery within various departments in the hospital, and identified four opportunities around:

  1. Increasing Payment Collection from Patients
  2. Improving Accuracy of Inpatient Billing
  3. Increasing Collection Efficiency with Insurance Companies
  4. Refining Cashier Processes for Outpatient Care Recipients
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