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SHOPS Plus Madagascar Health Enterprise and Innovation Ecosystem Mapping (Madagascar)

February 1, 2019 - September 30, 2019


Health enterprises that seek to be financially sustainable and provide access to health services to low-income populations are an important part of delivering healthcare through the private sector. These enterprises provide investment opportunities for private capital, they develop innovations that can lower the cost of healthcare through new technologies or business models and they help to identify barriers or gaps in the market environment that, if addressed, could provide opportunities to improve the effectiveness of private sector healthcare delivery more broadly. However, such enterprises require significant support to identify and experiment with financially sustainable opportunities, and design business models to serve these markets. A key first step in understanding how best to support such enterprises in Madagascar is to understand the current landscape of organizations, projects and initiatives that currently operate in the country with these objectives, and what gaps might remain. 

Funded by USAID through Abt Associates, WDI conducted a Health Enterprise and Innovation Mapping activity that identified innovative health enterprises in Madagascar, and the partners and types of support available to them. This information was compiled into a Madagascar Health Enterprise and Innovation Directory that illustrates the types of financial and technical support available to health enterprises, and the partners that provide various types of support. 

WDI leveraged the insights gathered through the mapping to contribute to the development of recommendations that explore how USAID/Madagascar can promote enterprise innovation, leverage private sector resources and maximize priority health outcomes through financially sustainable health enterprises. 

As part of the project, WDI is now providing  advice and support to SHOPS Plus Madagascar to implement short-term activities to support health enterprises through a business plan competition in collaboration with Orange Fab in Madagascar and developing seminar content on private sector healthcare business models.

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