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Taka Taka Solutions: Closing the Rural-Urban Nutrient Cycle: From Waste to Increased Agricultural Productivity

May 2014 - June 2015


The goal of this project was to increase soil fertility and agricultural productivity through a holistic approach of sourcing urban waste, composing and selling high quality organic fertilizers through a growing network of agro-dealers. WDI conducted a qualitative assessment of potential impacts on farmers through literature reviews and interviews with key stakeholders. The qualitative research informed the quantitative research design and the development of a quantitative survey to capture the changes in potential impacts on farmers. The team then completed a field visit to conduct qualitative interviews with project stakeholders including farmers, staff, partners and members of the community to identify additional potential impacts on farmers. The findings from baseline data collection were used to develop a report of impacts found on farmers. After the field visit, WDI updated the evaluation strategy and develop a baseline survey for farmers and comparison group.

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