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Testing A Measurement Framework for Latin America’s Largest Network of Micro-Distributors – SCALA (IDB/FOMIN)

January 2016 - May 2017


Since 2015, WDI has partnered with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to lead the SCALA Metrics Lab. SCALA is the largest network of micro-distributors in Latin America and the Caribbean. The Metrics Lab assists SCALA member organizations to improve their capacity for impact measurement.

As part of this work, WDI developed and tested a new framework for boosting the impact of small inclusive businesses and their distribution networks with three member organizations in Brazil, Nicaragua, and Peru between January 2016 and May 2017. These pilot projects resulted in strong, context-specific surveys for each organization and monitoring and evaluation training to the staff. The project helped ensure that each organization established appropriate processes for collecting survey data and internalizing impact measurement within their respective programs.

Want to learn more about this project? Check out this example survey or read WDI’s Impact Report: Positive Change Through Actionable Metrics. WDI also teamed up with MIT D-Lab to write a Lean Research case study about the work.

WDI finalized three project reports, one for each organization, that can be used by the social enterprises as they proceed with their impact measurement work:

  1. Chakipi Acceso (Peru)
  2. Supply Hope (Nicaragua)
  3. Kiteiras (Brazil)


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