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Youth Entrepreneurship Pilot in Macedonia

August 8, 2018 - 2019


CIPE contracted WDI to enhance an entrepreneurship and civic participation training program in North Macedonia targeting recent university graduates (21-26 years old). In the current phase of this multi-phase engagement, a WDI consultant will review and provide input and feedback on the existing training curriculum, which was developed by Youth Educational Forum (YEF) based on the recommendations by WDI in 2018. The consultant will also advise YEF on the development of a new module for the training on scaling internationally. The consultant will travel to Skopje, North Macedonia to provide refresher training on lean start-up and customer discovery, and will assess the mentorship capacities of YEF and advice on creating a  mentorship program.

While in Skopje, YEF invited WDI Faculty Affiliate Stephen Brand and WDI Senior Project Manager Kristin Kelterborn to be guests on their podcast, “Skills That Pay the Bills.”

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